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Super Paper Mario: Memories, Colors, and Lady Timpani

Fandom: Super Paper Mario
Warnings: SPOILERS!
Title: Memories, Colors, and Lady Timpani
Rating: K +
Notes: I was moved while listening to the flashback tracks to write this. I'm not sure how much sense it makes. Kinda a sensory exercise.  Please tell me if you felt it resonated with the character and if it made you feel anything. Just because I'm experimenting doesn't mean I don't want honest feedback!


Something's there.

There's a color of... of something. Her memory is still a black void-- too dark to seem suitable for the rainbow pixl –but for the first time she begins to hear. To see. To feel.

She's terrified.


Something... someone.

The color she feels isn't native, but surprisingly comfortable. It asks her to dance, and she accepts if only to interrogate it as they waltz in the void.

It's hard for her to reach deep enough to take its hand.

As if it is trying to hide from her.

She wonders if she should be hiding too. Probably, but she reaches for him anyway.

And misses.


She's falling.

Falling farther and farther with every beat her wings make into this wonderful and terrifying feeling that somebody cares about her existence, and she thinks it's her traveling partner but she knows it's not her traveling partner because the voice that keeps getting louder and the colors that keep getting clearer are nothing like him.

She has nothing else to escape to.


She's out of control.

She identifies the colors-- she identifies him – just in time to be overtaken. The colors are starting to suffocate her, and she feels like an idiot for not realizing how dark they were before. Everything looks bright against black.

Every color still has some light in it.

A spark of her own color finally joins the mix. She stops struggling and dives after him.


Tags: fic, paper mario
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